A Note From Kate: Women’s Friendship Month


It has always been my greatest blessing to have a strong group of girlfriends. As a community, women are incredibly powerful and supportive, and when we work together, we can go beyond women’s intuition to problem solve in a way that’s incredible. Women are often competitive with each other, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When given the choice, I will always support the woman next to me instead of competing with her.

No matter what your profession is or what your beliefs are, there is always the question of balance. My girlfriends are a big part of what keeps me balanced – knowing that I can turn to them just as easily in bad times as in good means so much; they are the ultimate support system.

Women’s Friendship Month is the perfect reminder to express gratitude for the girlfriends in your life and to be kind to new women you meet. Women’s nature is to nurture, and when we nurture each other, it’s the greatest and most healing relationship.

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