Tips for a Mid-Day Energy Boost


[tps_header]Taking time for a mid-day recharge does wonders for your mind, body and spirit, while also allowing you to face the afternoon with energy and vigor. Here are our top tips for a whole-body health approach to an energy reset:[/tps_header]

1) Step away from the desk and squeeze in a 10-minute barre3 workout. Not only will this low- impact workout rev your metabolism, but it also brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, creating energy to help you get through the day. Try a free 10-minute barre3 workout here.

2) Skip the coffee and call a buddy or your mom instead. During a busy workday, we often lack the energy to do meaningful things that would ultimately make us more productive. Interacting with loved ones is proven to be energizing, so take 5-minutes to connect and nurture your relationships.

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