6 Tips to Maintain A Positive Outlook


[tps_header]Let’s be honest: creating peace in our world and living with a positive outlook isn’t always easy. Below are helpful ways to turn that frown upside-down, even when times are tough. [/tps_header]

Understand and accept your strengths and weaknesses.
It’s easy to be overwhelmed trying to be everything to everyone, to want to be an expert in all areas, and not to be embarrassed or caught off guard with a lack of knowledge in certain areas. “Not knowing” something can sometimes leave us feeling unworthy, less than smart, and incapable. Instead of beating yourself up for not knowing, think of it as an opportunity. It’s alright not to know. Instead of dwelling on what you don’t know, think about all of the things you do know. We are all specialists in our own lives.

Concentrate on the things that make you happy and do them.
Think about the happiest moments of your day, week, month, or year. What stands out? When you’re feeling negative, turn to the things, places or people that make you happy. It’s up to you to create your own personal happy place.

Don’t try to understand what everyone else is thinking.
We all fall victim to this trap, especially in our social media-obsessed world. Instead of the negative, change the voice in your mind and create a more positive picture in your head. Instead of thinking, “she’s looking at me, I must look fat today,” think, “she’s looking at me, I must look beautiful today,” and throw her a smile and continue the positive cycle. Remember, we have control of that voice in our mind.

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