There are a few fitness apps that I use on the reg to keep track of my fitness goals. Not only do they motivate me to stay fit, but they also motivate me to stay accountable, and we know how important that can be when working hard to achieve your fitness goals. Check out my favorite fitness apps below:

MyFitnessPal has it all. This is my go-to app for all meal-related conundrums. Anytime I am looking to keep track of my protein, carbs, calories, and fat, I enter my daily meals into this app to keep track of it all. Bonus: it’s customizable, so you have the ability to enter specific weight and macro-nutrient goals, while also connecting with friends and family who use the app.

Garmin Connect: If you have any type of Garmin device, this app puts it all together for you. Whether you prefer a bike ride, run, hike, or fitness class, this app makes it easy to view your statistics and more. Users can also choose to compete with other local people on steps per week, which really helps when you need a little push. Bonus: it also connects with MyFitnessPal!

Strava Run/Strava Bike: I am the kind of fitness enthusiast that loves to track everything I do, which is exactly why I love Strava. The app makes it simple to create bike and running routes yourself or look up new routes others recommend in your area. The best part? It saves all of your old data, so if you are doing a route you have done before, you can compare your stats to a previous run or ride.

My Tabata Timer: If you love HIIT workouts (otherwise known as Tabata), this app is for you. Instead of watching the clock or counting in your head, this handy app does the counting for you – with sound.

-Emily Aygun, Fabletics Master

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