[tps_header]Football season is among us again! And, whether you have a favorite team or not, you’ll most likely be spending time watching a few games. And while I’m all for enjoying the sport, it’s always nice to get a fun (and quick) workout in at the same time. That’s where my game-day workout comes in – it’s the perfect way to shed some cals while getting involved in the game! Go ahead, give it a shot.[/tps_header]

1. For each interception, do a 1 minute Plank. Lay down stomach first on a mat and curl toes. Come onto your hands and pull your bellybutton in, holding the position.

2. When there’s a timeout, do 30 Plié Squats. Start standing with your feet a little further than shoulder width apart and your toes pointed out. Bend your knees and extend your hips backwards. Reverse movement.

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  • Val_FitJourney
    October 10, 2014

    BklynActiveMama awe thanks for sharing!

  • BklynActiveMama
    October 10, 2014

    Val_FitJourney you got it! I was like is that VAL in my inbox?! xo

  • Hilarious Texts ღ
    October 12, 2014

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  • Tresa Kuhn
    October 12, 2014

    Love it!

  • Karla Petersen
    October 12, 2014

    Love this: celebrating others, their commitment to health, wellness, and fitness, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand!!! WORK IT!! Thank you!!!

  • Becky Henry
    October 12, 2014

    Theres a term and condition that if you don’t purchase something every month they charge you bank account 50! Just did it to me! I’m putting this on all their post!

  • Stephanie Renz
    October 12, 2014

    It’s happening to me as well, not to mention I never received an order they charged me for. And the icing on the cake is they have no service integrity at all.

  • Breanna S
    October 13, 2014

    That’s how the membership works you guys. When you join the VIP program they charge you $50 the 6th of each month unless you skip the month by the 5th. If you forget to skip the charge goes through….

  • Diana Parnell
    January 31, 2015

    Those pink pants look ill fitting in this picture.

  • Diana Parnell
    January 31, 2015

    #pinkytoe what is going on there??

  • Anda Block
    January 31, 2015

    My husband needs a second job so I can have one of all these lol

  • Mickey Tamang
    January 31, 2015

    But that toe though hahahaha

  • Shady Robbins
    January 31, 2015

    Omg!, I saw that too

  • Connie Lunsford
    February 5, 2015

    Love pink pants