ARMED & DANGEROUS: The Best Moves for Svelte & Strong Arms


[tps_header]I love it when I’m traveling and a gentleman on the plane offers to load my hand luggage over head as I nonchalantly say, “I got it,” and effortlessly lift my bag up. A strong upper body allows you to lift your kids with ease, move furniture around the house, and wear your favorite sleeveless tops with confidence. Having strong arms also prevents injuries while keeping your shoulder joints healthy. [/tps_header]

[tps_title]Plank Push Up[/tps_title]


Place your hands underneath your shoulders. Press the floor away to spread your shoulder blades, and draw your hands down against your mat to ensure that your shoulder blades are not winging. Pull your abs towards your spine, squeeze your butt, and pin your feet together. Imagine that your whole body is one solid piece moving together. Lower your chest to the floor while bringing the elbows back. Squeeze your core and your butt to press back up. If you are still working on building the strength to push back up, do a cobra while keeping the body connected as one piece and then push up. This will make pushing up easier and also maintain the integrity of the exercise. If that is still hard, work on lowering as slowly as possible and come up which ever way you can. Eccentric contraction is a great way to build strength. 10 Reps

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