[tps_header]Every night before I crawl into bed, I prep for my morning run. This means checking the weather forecast, picking out my outfit, and putting my shoes by the front door – all ensuring I wake up ready to achieve my goal. During the chilly months, my morning run schedule looks like this: [/tps_header]

My alarm goes off. Brooklyn mornings are super dark, so I’m almost always tempted to hit the snooze button (oops)!

I’m up, dressed, and fueled up for the day. For me, running is a physical, mental, and emotional battle. I liken my running routes around Brooklyn as battle fields – each one (3km, 5km, 7km or 10km) completed is a small victory. I take my first steps out the door, and feel the cold breeze on my face. Then, I set my watch, heart rate monitor, music playlist, and go. 5KM is my goal today – let the battle begin!

I reach Prospect Park – over 580 acres of amazing green fields, running paths, and trails to discover. As the sun rises, I get to the most challenging hill of all, but I don’t allow myself to stop. Looking up at the sun, I push through it, murmuring positive words of encouragement to get me to the top.

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