Stay Fit: Tips for Working Out While Traveling


Don’t let delayed flights or a lack of equipment hold you back from staying active when you’re on the go! With the holiday travel season quickly approaching, it’s a good idea to start planning how you will continue your workouts through the New Year. See below for the best ways to stay active while traveling!

1. Get a guest pass at a gym or studio – Did you know that many gyms and studios offer day passes? Many nation-wide gyms allow members to access gyms across the country, too. Another way to find a sweet deal? Daily deal sites often feature discounts on classes and fun activities.

2. Find local trail – Like your workouts with a view? Use sites like Yelp and to find a nearby hiking trail that will keep you moving while you take in the views. If you’re a trail runner, this will be a welcome break from the stress of traveling. Non-trail runners will enjoy the opportunity to see a different view of the city while working up a sweat. Bonus: Those great views at the top will make a great background for your next #sweatyselfie! PS- be sure to tag @Fabletics in your Instagram snap!

3. Join a running group for their weekly run – Check with friends to see if there is a local running group you can join. Some local shops may even host a club that welcomes drop-ins like yourself. Bringing a pair of running shoes in your suitcase won’t take up much room and will remind you to stay active wherever you are!

4. Book a hotel with a workout room – See if you can book a room in a hotel with a workout room or lap pool. While the hotel may not have the same amenities or machines as your usual gym, there will be a few tried-and-true pieces of equipment at your disposal to squeeze in quality sweat time before an evening on the town! Bonus: Keeping up with your normal routine will help fight off the feeling of homesickness.

5. Bodyweight exercises – You don’t need to bring a full set of weights or elastic bands in your carry-on in order to keep up with your strength training. Brush up on a handful of bodyweight exercises you can do on the fly. Delayed flight? Do some wall sits or squats! Camping with the family? Try some burpees and donkey kicks!

6. Find a park with circuit training stations – If you’re the type who loves to switch things up during a workout, find a nearby park with circuit training stations. Circuit training stations are generally found at intervals along a park path and encourage you to stretch and do bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, incline pushups, and triceps dips. Challenge yourself to complete the circuit a handful of times before heading back to your hotel room.

-Kam, Fabletics Master

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    This is an awesome post — thanks for all the new ideas! My best investment so far has been a non-slip yoga towel.  I can fit it easily in my luggage and roll it out pretty much anywhere.