4 Easy Moves to Keep You Fit


[tps_header]Body weight training has been with us for thousands of years. Whether it’s in the form of Pilates, calisthenics or yoga, it’s one of the most effective and efficient forms of toning and cardiovascular conditioning. The essential moves below promote endurance, strength, flexibility, control and balance using your own body weight.[/tps_header]


[tps_title]Lateral Skater Jumps[/tps_title]


Start with arms stretched out at shoulder height, balancing on one leg with the other leg bent.  Spring off the standing leg to the side while extending the other knee and land with the other foot down. Keep arms at shoulder height and land lightly as low as you can to maintain a challenge: Doing 1 minute intervals in between sculpting sets is great for cardio, leg, glute and core strength.

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