[tps_header]Most kids love winter break because they get to stay home from school. Parents, on the other hand, know that it doesn’t take much for cabin fever to start setting in. This season, incorporate some family yoga into your day to help strengthen your family bond and keep the whole gang sane, too! Yoga is a healthy, fun activity that parents can practice with their children. Kids of any age can join a family yoga practice and experience benefits like reduced stress, expanded creativity and more focus. So, grab the fam, and get your practice on today! [/tps_header]

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Family Friendly Poses to Try:

Sun Salutations: Surya Namaskar, a classic series of flowing poses that warm up the whole body, can be made family-friendly with a simplified flow. An adult should demonstrate the easy stretches and explain how they flow together like a dance. Tip: don’t feel as if you need to use all the original, classic Sun Salute poses — simply flow together a string of easy warm-up stretches you are already familiar with, and have everyone take turns creating their own flow.

Animal and Nature Poses: Yoga is famous for poses that imitate nature and animals. Capitalize on your children’s imagination and encourage them to perform poses that resemble the animals and things in nature they love. Then, demonstrate the animal-inspired yoga poses you are familiar with like downward dog, butterfly and cat. Be sure to include animal sounds that match the poses, which will help your kids focus on their breath to vocalize the meows and moos.

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