A Do-Anywhere Body Weight Workout



1. Incline Push-Ups: Feel free to start on your knees until you are able to do a full plank push up. (15 total)

2. Butterfly Crunches: Shoulders can stay on the mat or be lifted for more of a full-core workout. (30 total)

3. Burpees: Come to standing and squeeze the booty, or explode into a jump at the top for more cardio. (15 total)

4. Single Leg Step-Up’s: Starting on one side, step up, pushing through the heel, onto a firm surface about knee height. This can be a chair, bench, rock, or wall. (24 total, 12 each side)

-Kateyln Dunlop, Fabletics Master
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2 Responses
  • jamieallen366
    January 16, 2015

    …00/16/..0015  Hi,Jamie I want to start working out feeling good. Its a brand new year so its time to start thinking about new years reservation. number one step is to go back to cardiology  and personal needs assistant you could feel good once you already start planing ahead. yoga is good perceptions a great way start also working on abs and flat stomach.

  • Kat
    February 1, 2015

    Love the butterfly crunch. I’d never heard of it before.