Gym Equipment Basics


[tps_header]It’s that time of year when we’re inspired to dust off our membership card, lace up our tennis shoes, and head straight to the local gym. But where do we begin? If you’ve never been trained on proper weight training techniques, machines are a great way to start. Machines guide us in proper movement patterns, which make them safe and easy to use, and with visuals and instructions, they’re also less intimidating. Best of all, machines provide much needed stability and assistance throughout the exercise, keeping our range of motion safe and effective and reducing our risk of injury.

These 7 machines will target your back, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, glutes, and abdominals. For added fat burning, try warming up on the elliptical, then going station to station, circuit style.[/tps_header]

Elliptical warm up | Fabletics Blog

Exercise One: Elliptical Machine

Start out with elliptical training for an active, full body workout. For a safe, proper warm up, stay on the elliptical for 10 minutes. If you have more time, increase the resistance or speed, and add 10 more minutes for a quick cardio blast.

Tip: Watch your foot placement on the elliptical. For smaller women, it may be best to step to the inside of the pedal for the narrowest, most comfortable stance. Use your arms to get a full body workout and to better engage your core.

Time: 10 minutes

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