Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick


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Keep the following tips in mind now so you have a foolproof plan to accomplish your fitness goals and stay motivated all year long.

Track It

Invest in a pedometer, heart rate monitor, or calorie tracking tool.

Hire a pro

Personal trainers are here to help. Just one personal training session per week can help if you’re in a workout rut.

Make it fun

Sign up for classes or find a running route that you love. Check out new parts of your town that you haven’t explored yet and go for a walk.

Bring a Friend

Not only will most gyms give you a referral fee, but you’ll also have someone to workout with. Multiple studies have shown that people who workout with a partner (or trainer) have better consistency and better results than those who don’t. And, guess what? The gym is full of like-minded people that could use some support. Make a gym buddy and don’t bail!

Plan your mistakes

Hate working out in the am? Make a plan to work around setbacks. Keep spare shoes in your car or office so you’re ready for anything, anytime.

Make a vision board

Set aside some photos of what you’re trying to achieve and put them on something you see daily like your computer or phone background, or even your fridge. When we can see our achievements visually, we start to perceive them mentally and it’s much easier to put in the hard work when you see the light at the end of the tunnel. For example- when I was training for my 2nd Half Ironman, I had a goal of beating my previous time by an hour. I would write “6:57” on my hand every time I went out for a hard run. I ended up completing it in 6:37 and came in fourth.

Sarah Ann Corkum, Fabletics Master

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  • catalystcouture
    January 28, 2015

    Great if I could just apply it day ager day. I get frustrated at how far I have to go. My goal weight is 50 pounds away. I just have to be happy with small successes and not lose sight of the goals. Vision board, check, food diary,check.