Must-Try Intense Exercises


[tps_header]In order to see quicker results, think BIG! Multi-joint and multi-planar exercises not only work your entire body but they also get your heart-pumping, which means more calories burned in less time! Complete each exercise for 50 seconds with a 10 second rest between each exercise, and repeat the circuit 2-3 times. These are must-try exercises that will motivate you to reach your goals in the New Year! [/tps_header]

Single leg squat | Fabletics Blog

Single-Leg Squat– Start with one leg lifted behind you, balancing off the floor. Squat down and touch the floor. Be sure to push back with your hips so that your knee does not extend over your toes. Return to standing as you reach up, and repeat on the other leg. Modification: Keep both feet on the floor when you squat still reaching down when you squat, and up when you stand.

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  • Kat
    March 4, 2015

    These are all so much fun. Great variations on some classic moves to kick them up a notch, and keep them interesting. I’m loving the rock-n-roll burpees, and I’ll have to try the 3-point lunge next time I’m rocking a Spartacus workout.