What the Color You’re Wearing Says About You


Are you kind and passionate, but love wearing black? Maybe you’re thoughtful and introspective, but find vibrant hues energizing. Find out what your workout wardrobe colors say about your personality – you might just learn a thing or two about your favorite colors. 

What the color green says about you | Fabletics Blog

Are you in a constant state of Zen? It’s probably because green connects you with your inner stillness.

Wearing green signifies: calmness and compassion

What blue says about your personality | Fabletics Blog

Calm and cool, even while breaking a sweat? Your gym bag probably includes endless blue looks.

Wearing blue signifies: loyalty and tranquility

What coral says about your personality | Fabletics Blog

Are group workouts your thing? If so, your look probably includes pops of coral.

Wearing coral signifies: spontaneity and socialness


Do you consider yourself a serious workout fiend who’s a leader of the pack? Our guess is that your go-to workout look is black on black.

Wearing black signifies: seriousness and influence

What purple says about your personality | Fabletics Blog

If you’re always put together and ahead-of-the-game, you most likely love purple.

Wearing purple signifies: imagination and sophistication

What yellow says about your personality | Fabletics Blog

If 5 AM workouts make you smile, complement your cheery personality with yellow gear.

Wearing yellow signifies: cheer and optimism

What red says about your personality | Fabletics Blog

Are you energized by high-intensity workouts? Chances are red looks good on you.

Wearing red signifies: drive and passion

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2 Responses
  • AmyCreative_fit
    March 14, 2015

    Fabletics I’m reviewing one of ur outfits as we speak (it’s a good’un)! #blogreview #crazybloggers #FitFluential
    Oh n my colour was purple.

  • LailaB
    March 20, 2015

    darn, where is orange ? I wear mostly orange when wanting bright colors.