Fitness Faves: Fabletics Master, Joanna Paterson, shares her picks


When it comes to fitness kit, I want the best of both worlds: fashion and function! During a harsh Brooklyn winter, I along with my clients at BODIESYNERGY Fitness, put various Fabletics fitness accessories to the test.  The aim was to enhance client experience, to stay motivated, and keep them coming back for more.  Here’s what we discovered:

Yoga Mat: Clients loved the bright color, commented on the high quality and it quickly became the preferred mats for personal training and group fitness clients.

Beanie: We all like to look good, but could this cool beanie really keep me warm during outdoor winter training?  The answer was yes.  Not only did the Fabletics beanie look good but it easily transitioned from training to street wear.  I love it so much, I have two.

Socks: At an event last year,  I gifted over 30 clients with Fabletics socks, and they were a hit! As a Fabletics Master and their trainer, I love hearing their feedback, which included: “High quality”, “Feel soft”, “Colors are bright, and the colored rim helps make getting dressed in dark a little easier”.

Headbands: As we worked out in the snow, rain and often freezing temps, we needed a splash a color to brighten our workouts. This accessory is a fun way to stay motivated, especially since summer bodies are made in the winter.

We did it! We survived a tough, harsh, cold winter, thanks to our Fabletics accessories.  Spring is in the air!

– Joanna Paterson, Fabletics Master


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