Lacrosse Balls for Myofascial Release, Injuries, and Relaxation


[tps_header]How would you like to prevent injuries, promote relaxation, and breathe new life into areas you never knew you held stress? I’d like to introduce you to Lacrosse Balls, a tool that will change your life forever![/tps_header]

Having run the gamut in athletics, ballet, gymnastics, and the business building entrepreneurial life, my mind and my body naturally hold a lot of unnecessary stress that does not serve me. I constantly seek ways to perform at my best, feel happy and have a true sense of balance in this busy life.  I appreciate the benefits of meditation, massages and mental flossing, but I never felt I found anything that combined all three…until I started using Lacrosse Balls for Myofascial Release. To get started, you’ll need: Pinky Balls, Lacrosse Balls, and a Net Bag. You can also use two yoga blocks for more aggressive TPT work.

Time: Keep in mind the entire body can easily take an hour if not more, so try to stay in each area for at least a minute to feel the benefits. Break up the areas over a few days if you are short on time. Caution: Make sure you are placing the balls on each side of the spine, not directly ON the boney landmarks of the spine. Also, when approaching your lower back, be cautious of your organs.

How to Use the Pinky / Lacrosse Balls to Release Tension by using Trigger Point Therapy (TPT)


Neck, cervical and sacral cranial (aka headache epicenter)Neck relaxation | Fabletics BlogLay on your back and place balls at the edge of the skull / cranium. Shift the head from left to right and the chin up and down, adding some circles.


JawJaw relaxation | Fabletics BlogLay on your side placing one ball where the jaw joins the lower cheek cavity. Shift the head up and down, add some circles, and apply pressure. Move the ball closer to the ear looking for tight and tense TMJ – like jaw pain.

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  • Lacrosse Camp For Girls
    September 3, 2015

    As a lacrosse player, it’s so easy
    to get stressed on the field. Great tips on how to stay relaxed.

  • prosoccerrebounderguy
    May 5, 2016

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