A Note From Kate: Take a Hike


It’s no secret that I love being outside, so hiking is a perfect form of exercise for me.  There are so many different types of trails to explore – many right in my own backyard! I’ve done little exploratory hikes that take me in and out of ravines, hiked up a fire road near my house that’s great for running, and one of my favorites is a mountain hike in Malibu.  There’s a waterfall that’s absolutely exquisite, especially after it rains.

Even here in California, it’s essential to layer for an outdoor workout, especially at this time of year. If I’m headed out for a hike, I’ll pull on some leggings and a seamless bra, topping it off with an Aventura tank and my favorite cross back long sleeved tee.  A puffy vest completes the look, unless it’s especially chilly, in which case I’ll add a parka.

Check out www.hikespeak.com, which is a great resource for exploring hiking trails across the country, and in Australia and New Zealand.


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  • Kate Laite
    March 19, 2015

    I love to hike, its what I do most often for exercise .  I live in the pacific northwest, so its mild most of the time, very wet sometimes so I have been know to hike with an umbrella, not quite the sporty look I’m going for but what the hell.  Happy Hiking