10 Tips to Help You Embrace Change


Simply put, people typically do not like change.  We do things a certain way for several reasons – because we want to, it is comfortable to us, it’s what we are used to, and it seems to work well in our lives.  All of these reasons are emotional reasons.  Change is exactly that, it is an emotional change.  To specifically change certain impacting emotions takes some time and patience.  Below are tips on how to embrace change in your life (it can be a good thing!).

1. Seek out new perspectives.

When you have an opportunity to start fresh, it’s important to consider all possibilities. Ask naive, wide-eyed questions of anyone who is doing anything that piques your interest.

2. Assess the reality of the situation.

Acknowledge what this change could mean for you and yours. Take the emotion out of it and look at the cold, hard facts. Is it really the end of the world or perhaps the new beginning you’ve been yearning for? Be honest and look at all of the possibilities.

3. Accept that change is constant.

Accepting that change is constant is half the battle.  You know it is coming at any time.  Being open to this fact will make life easier. You can begin practicing acceptance of change by acknowledging the little things that change daily.  You may not have been prepared to run out of milk last night and now there isn’t enough for breakfast. Accept it, be creative and try something new for breakfast. It was delicious, wasn’t it?

4. Don’t let your labels define you. 

Rich, poor, fat, skinny, divorced, married… Forget about it! At the end of the day, you are you! And you can choose the YOU you want to be. How we perceive ourselves is how we present ourselves to the world. So perceive yourself as wondrous and empowered… and you are wondrous and empowered!

5. Try something new and slightly scary.

With nothing to lose, take the time to explore what you really want to do with your life. Catch yourself off-guard and see what happens! Even if your new adventures aren’t the golden ticket you were looking for, at least you can check it off the list. We can’t truly progress without doing something– anything!

6. Understand your emotions.

The biggest struggle in change is getting you to have different emotions, so the root of the initial emotion needs to surface.  What is the original feeling towards what you do and what emotions are resisting you from changing?  Think about changes that have happened recently.  How did you feel about them?  If you remembered the change, then you had an emotional tie to the change.  Understanding your emotions with change helps to prepare you for future changes.

7. Remain optimistic.  

Change is Uncontrolled. More times than not, change occurs unexpectedly and and out of your control. Look at the bright side, you may not have control of occurrences, but you can choose your reaction to it. Be open to options that are presented to you, confide in someone about the changes, and most importantly, give yourself time to accept the changes. Don’t give in to the added pressure of ‘everything right this second’.

8 Get rid of the things that weigh you down.

Get rid of anything that ties you to your old routines. You have to cast off any items, ideas or routines that may weigh you down before you can move on.

9. Don’t be afraid to sit in stillness.

If you’re like me, when facing a big change in your life, your first impulse will be to go into a whirlwind trying to figure out what’s next. Don’t be afraid to just sit still for a beat.

Sitting quietly in your own thoughts can make some big, blurry decisions come into focus.

Take it one day at a time, one step at a time.

10. You have the power to react positively. 

It is in our ‘fight or flight’ mentality to immediately be defensive to anything we are not used to. Knowing where you fall within the spectrum of low negative to high negative reaction will help you understand how you react.  Understanding this and being aware will help guide you to your reactions in the future and make you think before you react.


Fabletics Masters,  Michelle Keraus & Heather Dorak

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  • Suz
    April 23, 2015

    Great blog, Michelle! So proud of you…