The Fabletics Team Talks the Meaning of Motherhood


I always look forward to Mother’s Day. It’s not only a day where I can celebrate being a mother, but also a day where I can celebrate the relationship I have with my own mother. Not to mention the fact that my husband and boys know just how to take care of Mom on my special day!

Having children has taught me that I have reserves of stamina and energy that I thought weren’t possible – before you become a mother, you don’t realize just how much you can multi-task and get done in a day! Even if I’m feeling tired, I’ll push myself because there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for the needs and wants of my children.

Motherhood isn’t just about teaching my kids – I’ve learned from them too. All of my children play sports, and watching them work at their craft – seeing their determination and their passion – has taught me so much about how far a strong work ethic can take you. From them, I’ve learned that when you put the work in and are driven, you can conquer anything you want in life.

Below, we’re sharing what some of the moms at Fabletics have learned from motherhood:

Being a mother has taught me to slow down and really live in the moment. In a world of filters and photos, I find myself putting away the phone to be present and really enjoy every giggle and every smile.
-Natasha K.
Director, Social Media

Motherhood has taught me to value the little things in life and to enjoy every second I have with my baby girl. She truly makes me want to be a better person, not only for her, but for myself.
-Cecilia G.
Member Experience Lead

Being a mother has taught me patience, selflessness and a happiness I could have never imagined before.
-Kimberly T.
VP, Global Communications

Motherhood has taught me to live in the moment with my boys, and not to worry about yesterday or what tomorrow may bring.
-Carina G.
Manager, Bilingual Spanish Operations

As a brand new mom, I have come to realize that women are stronger and braver than we often give ourselves credit. And although there are definitely scary and stressful moments, they really are so worth it when you get to see your little guy or gal have all of these new experiences.
-Abby F.
Product Manager

Becoming a mother at a young age helped shape the strong woman I am today. I love that I am growing as a person alongside my children. I enjoy spending weekends at the park with them, being a supportive team mom, and sharing adventures with them.
-Maricsa R.
Production Assistant

Being a mom has definitely taught me how to multi-task. I thought I was good at it before but I think becoming a mom has helped me perfect it.
-Claudia V
Community Relations Sr. Manager

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