What It Means to Be Fearless


[tps_header]As our co-founder and all-around fearless woman, Kate Hudson, said, “…being fearless is simply recognizing what your fears are and facing them head on…” Kate’s words inspired us to launch the Fearless Everyday campaign to spotlight the brave and courageous members of the Fabletics Community. To help kick it off, we asked four women that embody fearlessness to share their stories. Read on to get inspired and learn how you can submit your story.[/tps_header]

[tps_title]HEATHER L.[/tps_title]

Fearless Everyday: Heather L | Fabletics Blog

About me…My name is Heather Larsen and I am a highliner. I walk and perform tricks and poses on a slackline rigged high in the sky. Highlining has taught me so much about managing my fears and being fully in the moment.

What does being fearless mean to you…To me, being fearless doesn’t necessarily mean completely overcoming or conquering your fears, it means being willing to put yourself out there, being vulnerable with your surroundings, and learning to manage your emotion when fear arises. When you’re pursuing your passions fully, it is well worth coming face to face with some of your deepest fears.
I believe in embracing where you are in each moment and growing from that. The more you put yourself in an environment that stirs up fear, the more comfortable you will be with it, making it less scary. Consistency in my practice is what has created the familiarity that I now have with the line and with exposure. When I feel fear creeping in, I do my best to stay calm, breathe through any anxiety, and remember to have confidence in my skills and abilities.

Follow Heather on Instagram: @slacklarsen

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