A Note From Kate: Happy National Siblings Day!


There’s something about having siblings – you can fight with them harder than anyone you know all while loving them more than anyone in the world. A lot of people have very complicated relationships with their siblings, but I’m lucky to be incredibly close with all my brothers. Growing up surrounded by boys and having to hold my own helped shape me into becoming a tough, strong, and resilient woman.

Now that I’m an adult, our relationships have changed – I no longer need to prove myself to my brothers – but I also think I’d be very different if it wasn’t for them.  We have an acceptance of each other that comes from a truly loving and unconditional place. With Oliver, it’s especially fun to see our kids interact.  We take a lot of walks down memory lane when we see them fighting over a toy, and I think back to our own childhood, getting annoyed with him for eating my food or tattling on him; it’s so funny to think of how far we’ve come and where we are in our lives.  But most of all, it’s so rewarding to see the bonds that our kids are forming – their connection with each other is so deep that it reminds Oliver and me of the closeness that we have and the support we offer one another. National Siblings Day is really a great opportunity to show your love to your brothers and sisters – post a great throwback pic on Instagram, or give your siblings a call to celebrate the day. Sibling relationships are some of the most tumultuous yet can be as solid as a rock and incredibly rewarding!

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