Low in calorie, full of essential vitamins and minerals, and a crisp refreshing flavor! What’s not to love about cucumbers? Outside of the kitchen, cucumbers boast a surprising number of practical uses. Since I’m a big fan of quick DIY options, here are a few of my favorite ways to easily incorporate cucumbers!

Skin Care

The vitamin C and silica found in cucumbers can help improve the skin’s texture, hydrate, and tighten pores. For an easy DIY face mask, simply grate a cucumber and mix the pulp with a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Pat the mixture over your T-zone and leave for on for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water, pat dry, and follow with a light moisturizer for fresh, glowing skin!

Hangover Relief

I’m prone to hangovers after only a couple drinks, so I’m always in search of ways to control the damage. Cucumbers are chock full of natural sugars, electrolytes, and vitamins that can help keep a nasty hangover at bay. Much on cucumber slices before bed to help minimize dehydration in the morning. If damage control wasn’t an option, lay a few slices on your forehead for relief from headaches while you promise yourself that you’re never, ever drinking again (we’ve all been there).

Stress Buster

My Friday nights are absolutely sacred. After a long week, nothing sounds better than staying in with Netflix, glass of wine, and a long bath to unwind. For a spa-like atmosphere, fill a large bowl with boiling water and a sliced cucumber. The calming properties of the cucumbers will be released through the steam.

Pro-tip: rub one of those slices along the inner edges of your bathroom mirror to keep it from fogging up!