What to Expect at Your First Spin Class


Between the padded shorts and the puddles of sweat, walking into a spin class for the first time can seem intimidating. Never fear, spin class is not only fun, it’s one of the most user-friendly workouts out there. To help ease you into the saddle, here are five things you can expect from your very first ride:


1. Learn the Rules of the Room.

Before attending your first spin class, ask the front desk if there are any important class details you should know ahead of time. Do you have to sign up in advance to reserve a bike? Are there classes specifically designed for beginner, intermediate or advanced riders? Do you need spin shoes, or can you use your regular gym shoes?

2. Meet Your Instructor

Most instructors get there early to set the room up for class. So on your first day, plan on arriving five to ten minutes in advance to introduce yourself. Explain your goals and fitness level, and let him/her know of any injuries or special needs that you may have.

3. Bike Set Up

Correct bike set up is vital to an effective ride. A seat too high or too low can hurt your back and hips. Have the instructor give you the full rundown on how to set up the bike to your specifications. A good rule of thumb is to start by setting the seat so high that your rear end rocks from side to side. From there, keep taking the seat down until your hips no longer rock. The seat itself should be positioned in a place where the knees don’t feel any pressure in, or out of the seat, or “saddle.” As far as the handlebars go, adjust them to your comfort level.

4. Resistance Reality

During the warm-up, play around with your resistance dial. Try taking it all the way to the right to see how heavy the resistance can feel. Doing so will help give you a gauge on what you’re up against, and where you can take your workout.

5, Getting Serious

Congrats! You’ve finished your first spin class! Should this turn out to be a class you’d like to attend two or more times a week, you may want to consider buying spin shoes. Most shoes cost between $40-$150 but are something you’ll only have to buy once. Spin shoes help balance your weight on the pedal and provide for a more effective pedal stroke.


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