#FitFor2: Pump up Your Pre-Natal Workout


[tps_header]I lead a very active lifestyle, and keeping it up is more important than ever due to my pregnancy. I want to be as healthy as possible for the baby, and I also find that working out keeps me energized, which was especially key during the first trimester. For my own sanity, I work out Monday-Friday and try to keep my fitness goals short-term (day-to-day) vs. long-term (monthly). That makes things much more manageable and less intimidating; all I need to focus on is getting through my workout each day.

I’ve definitely had to make some minor adjustments as I get #fitfor2.  The most obvious change has been to my core workouts. During the time of my earlier pregnancies, doctors used to advise women not to do any core work while pregnant, but now the stance on that is a bit more flexible, and it’s more than okay to keep doing core work if you were doing it before. This is a welcome change for me, as I want to keep my core strong as I get closer to my due date and ready for labor. I’m also game for anything I can do now to help me bounce back later.

Lately I’ve made some adjustments to my core routine. Instead of doing full sit ups, I keep the movement in the middle. I’m keeping my abs at a constant contraction – no pun intended! The following slides include some of my favorite pre-natal core moves courtesy of Madison Doubroff, director of Bionic Body and personal trainer with a specialty in pre/post-natal fitness. He is also a Fabletics Master![/tps_header]

Pregnancy Workout | Fabletics Blog

Sumo Squats

Purpose – Strengthen adductors and pelvic floor for pregnancy.

Directions – Widen your stance beyond shoulder width, rotate feet outward to about 45 degrees and perform a normal squat as if sitting in a chair. Once you feel a stretch in your inner thighs, stand back up to a fully straight position. If you need more of a challenge, hold onto a load (dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, etc.) to make the exercise more challenging.