Last-Minute Bikini Workout


[tps_header]Summer is just around the corner! Are you bikini-ready?

So, your friend invited you to the beach and you weren’t able to get your workout in beforehand. Not to worry – I have some quick effective exercises that you can do right at home that will sculpt, shape and tone the entire body before you head out, making you bikini-ready in no time![/tps_header]

Planks | Fabletics Workout

1. PLANK (core)

First, start out in a plank position; hands underneath your shoulders, chin away from the chest. Lengthen out through the back of the knees, with feet hip distance apart.  Most importantly, pull your lower abdominals in and maintain that contraction.  Hold plank for 30 seconds then without moving your torso begin to bend and extend one knee at a time toward the floor.  Inhale as you bend the knee and exhale as you extend. Repeat alternating the knees 20x.

2 Responses
  • fatnforty
    May 23, 2015

    Fabletics Shame on you. You are better than this. I love your workout clothes but don’t need to be fat-shamed.

  • Fabletics
    May 24, 2015

    fatnforty Sorry, we didn’t intend for any sort of shaming! Hope our tweet doesn’t sound like it had that sort of intent. Thank you. -om