POUND: Rock Out While You Work Out


[tps_header]It’s not every day you get to listen to awesome music under a black light while you slam drumsticks into the ground… or is it? Fabletics Master Yaya Margarita invited us to swap out our usual workout routine to try POUND, the exhilarating class combines cardio moves with strength training for a full-body workout. We loved her class and want to share some of our favorite moves:[/tps_header]

Pound fit | Fabletics BlogRainbow Lunge

Every time you reach to the right or left to pound a Ripstix™ into the ground, your lunge grows deeper so you can really feel the burn. At times this move becomes so speedy, the distraction of choreography and keeping up to the beat really kicks in. We absolutely love this nice little distraction, especially when we are feeling it the next few days!