Spring Cleaning with Yoga


[tps_header]Spring – a time of fresh starts and renewal. The perfect time of year to do some Spring Cleaning, not only for your home but your body too. Our bodies naturally cleanse themselves, getting rid of waste products, but sometimes they need a little boost. I invite you to try these 5 simple yoga detox postures that can help your body cleanse and purify itself, physically and emotionally.[/tps_header]


1. Marichyasana III | Marichi’s Pose:

Marichyasana III is a seated twist that can help with spring cleansing. It stimulates digestion and metabolism by gently squeezing and massaging the abdominal organs, including the liver, kidneys, intestines and spleen. While stimulating detoxification, Marichyasana is also energetically, emotionally and mentally purifying. As we twist and compress the organs, blood flows more efficiently, releasing toxins and cleansing.