A Note From Kate: What’s in My Summer Suitcase?


Even though LA is warm pretty much year-round, I still wait all year for summertime. I love spending days on end in my swimsuit – it’s such a freeing feeling!

When packing a bag for a summer trip, my fashion essentials include flowy dresses, little shorts and body jewelry. My summer beauty must-have is coconut oil; when I’m on the beach, I run a little through my hair to tame it. Ryder likes putting lemon juice in his hair in the summer (which is something I also did as a kid) – which usually results in at least one lemon floating around in my purse!

A great bonus of summer’s skimpier clothes is the space it frees up in my suitcase. Everything I need fits in a carry-on. Instead of packing a pair of heels, I wear them on the plane so that I have even more room in my bag.  Once I’m aboard, I swap them for super cozy fuzzy socks (which also come in handy when going through security), which are an absolute must when I’m traveling.

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