Start “Flying” with Acro Yoga


[tps_header]Acro, Partner Yoga, Acrobatic Yoga, or Acro Yoga are all used to describe the act of inviting another person into your practice. Whakapaigna and I have been “practicing play” since 2009. Our lives and our bodies benefit when we do “play” together. You can also reap the benefits of play—such as practicing communication, trust, and strength. You don’t need a partner; you can practice with a friend, a sibling, parent or child.  Always exercise caution and ask for a third person to join and act as a spot. Here are moves to inspire you to work together and get stronger.[/tps_header]

pushups | Fabletics BlogPush-Ups With Your Partner

Exercise A

  • Partner A (the base) can start out by lying on his/her back (legs bent to protect lower back).  Arms are at 90 degrees and held steady for this portion of the exercise. Partner B (the flyer) will do a chaturanga, (elbows touching your side body) keeping your hands under your elbows creating a 90 degree angle.  Remember to engage your core and hug your thighs into your midline.  Roll forward onto your toes and slowly lower down.  As you push back up, remember to stay engaged the entire time and finish by smiling at your partner who is basing you.
  • The hand grip is important in Acrobatics; they call this the “hand to hand” grip.  Ensure that the webbing of your thumbs meet and make sure that at all times your wrists feel happy and supported. If not, reset the angle of your wrists.

Partner pushups | Fabletics Blog

Exercise B

  • Partner A (the base) starts in the same position as in Exercise A.  The entire time you will remain in nice contact with Partner B (the flyer).  Lower your arms down in a reverse chaturanga.  Ideally, you are lowering your elbows down into a 90 degree angle from your body and then push back up so that your arms are straight and your wrists are straight above your shoulders.  The entire time, also engage your core and fire up your inner thighs.
  • Partner B (the flyer) will hold the position of plank the entire time. As your base lowers you and pushes you back up, there will be this urge to change your shape. Remember that the tighter you hold your shape, the lighter you will be for your base (and the more of a workout you will get).
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