Spice It Up: 3 Refreshing Infused Water Recipes


[tps_header]Summer is officially here! Rosé, margaritas and ice cold Coronas abound. As much as we love partaking in the season’s beverages, we’re also thinking about that new bikini we want to wear.

Plus, with the extra hours of outdoor exercise and a little overindulging, hydration is as essential as SPF.

Maybe your only experience with water-infusions is the cucumber water at the spa, but you would most likely still choose it over plain water. Why? Because it soothes and relaxes you into a mindful state of bliss – something we’ve all earned!

Here are a few spiced up water-infusions to pour some sweetness into the hot summer months as well as revitalize your health. Bottoms up![/tps_header]

Ginger + LimeGinger Lime Water | Fabletics Blog

Ginger is a super spice. It’s great for nausea and motion sickness for those summer boat rides, and has great anti-inflammatory properties if you overdid it on foods like burgers, sugar and alcohol at that last BBQ.

Limes, even though acidic, are alkaline within our bodies. In other words, when paired with water, limes restore the body’s pH balance, which is important for digestion.

This is an intense combo, so you can enjoy it right away. If you steep too long, the flavors overpower the delicate taste – the reason we love cucumber water in the first place!