Hit the Court: Basketball-Inspired Workout


Want to add a little (sporty) spice to your high intensity training? Here’s a fun, basketball-inspired workout (no equipment necessary) to get you going. The premise of this workout is simple; complete each exercise with proper form as quickly as you can. Get your stopwatch or timer app ready, because you’ll be competing against yourself each round.

Let’s go over the movements and reps.

Jumping jacks | Fabletics Blog

D-Fence (Jumping) Jacks – 40 Reps

D-Fence Jacks are just like regular jumping jacks, but I want you to really emphasize your range of motion. Lengthen your arms and reach your hands out and up with every jack. Imagine you are defending your opponent and trying to intercept any pass they may make.

Advanced Option: Squat Jacks instead of Jumping Jacks