Beast Mode Bride: A Pre-Wedding Weight Training Workout


[tps_header]You got engaged, congratulations!! You may have a million thoughts, feelings and to-dos to get to, but while you begin to focus on the new chapter in your life, it’s a great time to make changes to your lifestyle that will get you into your peak athletic shape. I’m sharing a killer circuit that combines plyometric movements to peak your heart rate and burn fat, not muscle, while targeting the major muscle groups you will be highlighting in that dream dress. Let’s get started.

I’m preaching to a choir when I stress how important it is to eat clean, fuel properly—not diet— and cross train if you want to see lasting results. Don’t focus solely on cardio, in order to sculpt and define, weight training is a key component. Make sure to mix it up, try different classes, new methods, throw in a 2-a day here and there to peak your progress, and always keep it fun. Remember, your workout is like a marriage, if you cheat, it’s not going to work.

THE WORKOUT:[/tps_header]

Jump squats

Jump squats (20)

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