#FitFor2: The Final Push


To gear up for the final push, I find it crucial to prepare the body and ease tensions that have been building up throughout the pregnancy. There are two simple moves that I think you will find easy to incorporate into your final days before birth.

We’re in the final stretch! Here are two moves that work for me during the final days of #pregnancy. #FitFor2

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1. Plank to Knee Drive Rotation: This move is designed to open up your hips and glutes, while creating more mobility to your thoracic spine and shoulder girdle.

2. Hip Flexor Stretch to Arm Reach: This stretch opens up your hip flexors (that connect from the front of your hips to your lumbar) to relieve lower back tension, which is especially tight during the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

The last days of pregnancy also involve some mental preparation. Since I am a mother of three kids (and soon to be four), I need to plan how I am going to approach the changes to our family dynamic. I also need to reexamine how I will balance my work and personal time.

Even though everyone is excited about the baby’s arrival – especially since it’s not another boy, it’s the first girl – my full focus is on the children we have now, so they don’t feel overlooked. I need to pay extra attention to my youngest son to make sure he knows he will always have a special place in the family.

My kids are my #1 priority, so I try and block out time for each individual child. During the week, I block out time and set attainable priorities for the day-to-day, where I focus on just one thing at a time. I make sure to include a date night with my hubby, which helps me balance everything. On the weekends, it’s family time. I make sure to go to my kids’ sports events and plan filled days for them.

My second priority is my workout – it’s what keeps me sane! When mom’s happy, everyone’s happy, right? 😉

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