The birth process can be overwhelming physically and mentally, especially for new mothers. Packing essential comforts before the big day can make all the difference! I’ve learned from my past three kids what works well for me, so I don’t have a long list, but here are some of my hospital must-haves:

  • Favorite Pillow:
    I like to bring my favorite pillow with me to ensure that I’m as comfortable as possible during and after labor and delivery. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable hospital pillow. I also pick out a special patterned pillowcase and keep it as a memento for that child.
  • Extra outfit to wear home:
    I opt for something loose and comfortable. It’s not a fashion show, but you should pack pieces that you feel good wearing. I love the Carlisle Jogger and the Aruba Wrap Top. I wore these pieces all throughout my pregnancy (and the top is great for nursing mothers).
  • Clothing for the baby to wear home:
    Don’t forget about the star of the show! Bring something cozy for your little one to make the transition a seamless one.
  • Personal things:
    Pack a few small items that you might use to get ready on a normal day at home. In my case, this means a toothbrush, hair ties and my favorite lotion.

This is what I pack, but it’s important to find what works best for you. Bringing a comforting blanket could also be a good idea, or a special focal point object to use for meditation.

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