Legs For Days: A Summer Cheat Sheet on How to Score Them


[tps_header]Legs for days—we all want them! I’m going to teach you how to tone your legs in just six weeks. You’ll feel confident and ready to take on shorts season in no time. Remember that diet is a key player in yielding the best results. The workout we’re going to focus on is “fasted cardio,” which is any sort of movement that gets your heart rate up. Aim for 30-minutes, 2-3 times a week. Put on your fave Fabletics leggings and let’s get started![/tps_header]



Week 1: Summer Legs Workout
2 minutes of around-the-world lunges
50 squats
1 minute pulsing pigeon toe squats (internal rotation)
2 minutes squat side karate kick (alternating sides)
1 minute calf raises in 1st position (use inner thighs)
2 minutes plies in 1st position
1 minute 2nd position calf raises
2 minutes 2nd position gran plies
2 minutes high knees option arm ups
Repeat the workout 2x (30 +/- min workout)
2-3x during week 1

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