Legs For Days: A Summer Cheat Sheet on How to Score Them



Week 5: Pilates Legs Workout
1 minute squat plies with calf raise (parallel)
1 minute squat plies with calf raise (external rotation)
Lay down on the floor
1 minute bridge feet in Pilate’s 1st position high releve isolated hold
1 minute add pulses, 1 minute hinge then lift (drop heel on lower back)
1 minute single leg bridge, leg sweeps (right leg) right foot down, left leg in air
1 minute single leg wrap and lift (right leg)
2 minutes side lying series (30 sec pulses, 30 sec hot potato, 30 sec pull inward diagonal, 30 sec clam). Right leg is working leg
2.5 minutes quadruped on elbows (30 sec isolated, 30 sec pulses, 30 sec arabesque pulses, 30 sec open knee pulses, 30 sec external straight leg pulses) (right leg)
1 minute kneeling side kicks (right leg)
1 minute lay on back inner thigh tweezers, open split stretch close (wide and narrow)
Repeat all over again from the top then left leg
(24.5 min workout) repeat again for a 50-minute set
2-3 x a week

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