Mastering Om: The Busy Girls’ Guide to Meditation


The most popular word in our SMS lexicon is OMG. Drop the “G” and you have OM—a yogic chant used for meditation and word that needs more play time in our hectic lives. We live in a world of advanced communication—we can share photos on Instagram, brief sentiments on Twitter and short-lived images on Snapchat. As progressive as our modes of communicating have become, our mind-body connection has slipped through the cracks of our keyboards. We’re on autopilot and we’re unaware of what’s going on inside of ourselves. In order to regain that self-awareness we need to stop for a moment and listen to our bodies.

If you’re not ready to power off, test out our techies’ guide to meditation. Here are cool phone apps so you can tune in to tune off.

Calm App: The Calm app offers multiple self-meditation programs that are targeted towards different experiences. You can choose a guided meditation for sleep, anxiety relief, confidence and energy. Take your lunch break to a quiet room at work or to your car and set the timer for a brief escape.

If you’re hesitant about guided meditation, this app also takes the place of a portable sound machine. Select your setting and relax to the sounds of the coastline at sunset, a summer meadow, a tropical beach or a woodland lake.

Headspace: Headspace is another guided meditation outlet that you can access on your mobile and tablet. Select your program based on your mood and lifestyle. This program allows you to track your progress and earn rewards along the way. Headspace also promotes community, encouraging people to motivate others in this journey to self-awareness.

The Mindfulness App: This app is simple and interactive. Meditation sessions range from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. Create your own self-meditation program and set an alert each day, reminding you to stay on track.

Breathe2Relax: An app that focuses on the power of breath is pretty refreshing. Breath work is another form of meditation that improves mindfulness and is easy to practice. Allow this program to take you through a breathing session that will alleviate stress and anger.

Let’s jump on the self-meditation bandwagon and take advantage of these useful tech tools. A helpful supplement that you may also want to consider—frequent sessions of retail therapy. Luckily we have a website for that!

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