Surf School: 7 Moves for Surfing The Great Indoors


[tps_header]Summer is here and things are really heating up!  Head for the water and grab your surfboard along the way because surfing is a great way to stay in shape this season.  Even if you do not live near a beach or own a board, you can still go surfing indoors!  The 7 surf-inspired moves below can all be done either on an RSX board by SurfSet Fitness or on the floor as Gabby and Jason demonstrate below.[/tps_header]

Duck dives

Duck Dives: Imagine you are paddling out from shore to the surf break and waves are crashing down in front of you.  To easily make it through the waves, duck dive you and your board under the “wave.”  Similar to vinyasa flow in yoga, start by pushing your hips up and pressing your hands flat into the ground, like Downward Dog, with the option to lift a leg to make it more difficult.  From there, push forward into a high plank, bend the elbows while keeping them close by your side, and lower your body into an Upward Dog.  Return to Downward Dog by pushing your hips back.  Keeping your elbows in tight by your sides during this move works your triceps muscles or the backs of your arms (for which you will need during pop-ups later!)

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  • Melissa Plakio
    August 27, 2015

    Im doing a board yoga training in Sept!!

  • Gracie Rodriguez
    August 29, 2015