Falling Into Fitness: Boot Camp Quickie


Tone up with this pilates bootcamp workout

Tricep Dips
This move is perfect for toning triceps and lifting the booty! Begin sitting with feet hip-distance apart and hands by your side, fingers facing forward. Press up to a reverse plank, driving your weight into your heels and squeezing your glutes. Keep your hips lifted and start to bend at the elbows, lowering down a few inches as you engage the triceps, then press back up and extend legs straight. Gently lower down to sitting and repeat 10 times. (To make this move more challenging, try keeping your hips off the ground the entire time, moving straight from the extended leg reverse plank back into the bent knee tricep dip).

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  • Raquel Rach
    September 25, 2015

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  • JimmyandMia Paravalos
    September 27, 2015

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  • Cynde Renae Early
    September 28, 2015

    No problem, always go in and skip each month until you are ready to purchase your favorite outfits. There are so many to choose from that fit so many styles and types of attire from an all day casual to even a semi dressed up. I couldn’t be more pleased with the option. If you forget to skip, it’s there for the later purchase.

  • Raquel Rach
    September 28, 2015

    Happy shopping then

  • FL Support Squad
    September 28, 2015

    Apologies for any frustrations, Raquel. Please know that this page is only able to assist US, Canada and Australia Members. Kindly reach out to Fabletics UK for further correspondence. Thank you. -Darling R.

  • Hollie Lee
    September 28, 2015

    Hi Fabletics & Raquel Rach could you tell me what number to call to cancel this?? The number provided on the email states “its not connected” and im getting very frustrated at not being able to cancel this!

  • Raquel Rach
    September 29, 2015

    I had to contact my credit card company. They cancelled the card which has prevented them taking any more money and thankfully Barclays investigated it on my behalf after I was unable to get through on any of the fabletics numbers and Barclays reimbursed me. Good luck x

  • Fleur-Ange Gagnon
    September 29, 2015

    So…just skip if you do not want to pay !

  • Debbie Bandel
    September 30, 2015

    Got this bra top… It’s way comfy!

  • GailSheeler
    October 31, 2015

    Who is the pilates instructor?