Go With The Flow: 10-Minute Yoga Sequence to Get You Back on the Mat


The oh-so-sweet lazy days of summer at the beach with a cocktail in hand have come to an end. As lovely as pool dips and paddleboards are, we also love setting new goals at the workplace, at home, and at the gym.

To ease back into your fitness routine, try this simple, yet effective yoga sequence, which will build up your strength and boost your flexibility. And since it’s so short, it’s easy to work into your day—just grab your mat + flow before breakfast, during a lunch break, or before beginning your favorite fall show!


  1. Beginning in Mountain Pose, swan dive into a Forward Fold.


  1. Hold for a few breaths and then place both hands on the earth and step your left foot back into a Lunge. Drop your left leg to the earth, keep your hips squared, and then extend your arms to the sky. Hold for a few breaths.


  1. Place both hands back on the earth and step your right foot back so that you’re in a Plank. Make sure that your hands are under your elbows, your core is engaged, and your heels are pushing back.


  1. Do a Chaturanga by pressing back through your heels and drawing forward through your crown and chest. Then lower your arms in a ninety degree angle, so that you’re halfway to the floor. Hold for a few breaths.


  1. Shift into High Cobra by spreading your fingers and pressing your palms into the floor. Rotate your shoulders back, push your upper body off the floor and straighten your arms while keeping your hips, legs and feet planted on the mat.


  1. Transition into Downward Facing Dog, hold for a few breaths, and rest.


  1. Extend your left leg back and then bring it forward, placing it in between your hands and transitioning into a Lunge. Raise your arms to the sky and hold for a few breaths.


  1. Place your hands on the earth and step your left foot forward to meet your right and then transition into a Forward Fold.


  1. Slowly rise to Mountain Pose and bring your hands up to prayer. Move into Chair Pose, holding for several breaths.


  1. From Chair Pose, move into a Forward Fold and then place your hands on the earth, hopping or stepping back into a Plank.


  1. Repeat Steps 3-6 and then end in a restorative Child’s Pose.


-Sophie Jaffe, Philosphie Founder
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6 Responses
  • Shannon
    September 27, 2015

    Great mini-flow!!

  • AstridaFuse
    September 27, 2015

    I love a great work out!

  • Master of Me
    September 27, 2015

    I believe this will be the perfect starting place for me on my quest for a mind/body balance.
    Thank You!

  • Saundra irishblueyes
    September 27, 2015

    This is great. I do a yoga class on Thursday but this looks great too. Thank you

  • Hold The Line
    September 28, 2015

    I don’t do yoga, but I LOVE PraiseMoves, the Christian alternative to yoga.