The Final Stretch: Pre-Workout Tips For Your Best Session


[tps_header]Stretching before your workout leads to a more productive gym session. These moves will hit every major muscle group of your body that are tight and will boost your circulation, which helps send oxygen to your muscles. Oxygen is a form of nourishment, which means less straining and aching during your workout, leaving you free to focus on form for a more effective workout.[/tps_header]

Outer Hip stretch

Outer hip stretch:

Start kneeling on the floor on your hands and knees. Step the right foot forward on the outside of the right hand. Keep the hips square and do not let the right hip sway forward. Pull the right thigh and hip back in line with the left hip. Stay upright on the hands or lower down onto the elbows, as shown in the photo, for a more intense stretch. Stay here for 3 breathes and then repeat on the other side.