Finding Your Inner Warrior


[tps_title]Finding Your Inner Warrior[/tps_title]

When I feel nervous about a big meeting, or my faith in myself plummets on a creative project, or I feel I’ll be laughed at when I speak in front of a crowd of people, or I don’t feel brave enough to let go, forgive and have compassion… or… oh, the list could go on. This is when I say to myself, “hold up!” and recognize this as a red flag warning that my ego is taking me into a downward spiral of self-doubt and critical thinking. At this moment, I realize that I have forgotten my connection to my Inner Warrior.

I’m on a spiritual journey, so how is the word “warrior,” which sounds like war and violence, a part of my path? Well, the warrior does not have to battle or fight in a way that inflicts deep wounds or destruction. Battles in life are inevitable and if we try to avoid them, we may well find that they appear anyway. Finding and unleashing our Inner Warrior can allow conflicts to be less painful and more productive.

Feeling fearful? Time to tap into your fierceness thru Warrior Two —

Get Present.

Step away from what you are doing and find a quiet place, away from distractions and devices. Take a deep breath, open your mouth and exhale a good *sigh* to release tension in your jaw — let go of “figuring it out.”  Now close your lips and sip in a slow, deep breath through your nose, fill your lungs with oxygen and then exhale all of the air out through your nose. Repeat this, slowing down your “fight or “flight” response. By simply focusing on the “breathe in, breathe out” action, you come out of your “thinking mind” and into the present moment, along with a more connected self.

Stay Open.

Warrior Two is an excellent asana (pose) to reclaim your Inner Warrior. Stand with a wide stance about 3 1/2 feet apart, one foot facing forward and your other foot back slightly, turned inward with your heel out. Take your place. Ground your feet into the earth and bend your front knee over your ankle. Firm up your back thigh, draw your tailbone down and your navel in and up. Then lengthen your torso, stack your shoulders over your hips and reach out through the crown of your head for a solid foundation. Keeping your chest facing the side, reach one arm forward and one arm back, spreading your wings with an open heart. Make some space for yourself. Take your focus out over your front hand — present yet looking forward. Now, grow your confidence as you trust that you are open and able to handle anything that comes your way.

Be Courageous.

Hold Warrior Two for 5 or more breaths — feel your power and strength and at the same time soften your shoulders, face and the edges of your mind. Find the delicate balance between strength and surrender. Let go of the outcome or result, the bravery is in the action — in taking the risk and allowing your Inner Warrior to be a faithful servant to your heart’s purpose. Acknowledge the Warrior within you and let it become a force of action–courageous enough to take that leap, make that phone call, pursue your dream, stand up for yourself, forgive old wounds and move forward.

Being courageous takes practice. It’s like a muscle — the more we use it, the stronger it becomes. Here are some more ways to help develop your courage:


Say no to requests from others you don’t truly want to fulfill. Say no to commitments and engagements that you are not thrilled about. Say no to distractions and interruptions that take you away from who truly are and what you value.


What do you want to do? Decide that you will do it and say to yourself “I will do this, no matter what obstacles get in my way.” Commit to your heart’s desires.


Even when we are disappointed, hurt or angry, stay open to the person or experience and know that you can “agree to disagree” instead of shutting down completely.  Keep your heart open and practice learning and growing from every challenge.


Being open to meeting new people, visiting a new city that you don’t know, speaking your truth, changing up your routine a bit or allowing yourself to let your hair down and dance unapologetically, builds courage.


Fear makes us feel scared. When this happens, be kind to yourself. Acknowledge that it is human nature to feel fear.

There is nothing more beautiful than a warrior woman standing in her power, courage, and confidence. From this place of strength, she is capable of loving the world in a way that transforms pain into promiseand hell into heaven. ~ Debbie Ford

-Lindsley Allen, #FableticsMaster

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    A great reminder, Lindsley. Having a clear image of my inner warrior helps me lighten up and plug in to my power. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.