A Note From Kate: Happy Birthday To Fabletics!


I’m so excited to celebrate Fabletics’ second year with you. Although there’s just one more candle on the cake, our company has grown by leaps and bounds since last October. We launched FL2, our first men’s collection, with my brother Oliver; we extended our presence in Europe, Canada and Australia; we surpassed two million fans on Facebook and we’ve continued to inspire our community of women to live healthier, happier lives. I think that qualifies as the best birthday gift I’ve ever received (sorry, Mom!).

My hope for year three is to make major waves across the world. I’m excited that we have partnered up with Bright Pink to raise money for breast cancer awareness, and I hope to make more of an impact on women’s lives. When you gather a huge group of women together, all with different backgrounds, points of view and personalities, magic happens. I have worked hard with the Fabletics team to create a platform for you to share your personal goals, your motivation and your stance on women’s issues. Thank you for creating this safe and inspiring space for all of us.

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