Skin Is In: 4 Ways To Care For Your Skin This Fall


What if we said you could maintain soft skin well into the holidays? Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to neglect your beauty regimen and hide behind cozy knits and leggings. Caring for your skin can mean the difference between healthy and dull, dry skin. Here are a few ways to keep your skin soft this season.

The easiest thing you can do is keep hydrated. Autumn brings cooler, drier weather, which means your skin will retain less water. Increase your h20 intake – or maintain your summer hydration habit – not only because your body needs it, but it also keeps your skin moist and supple. Skin that’s hydrated is less likely to crack and allow blemish-producing particles to enter your skin. Commit to a hydration plan by bringing a 64 oz. water bottle to the office. Drink 20 oz. before heading out the door in the morning, 20 more oz. of water before lunch, 20 more before leaving work, and the final 20 oz. well before bed. You’ll of course have more or less depending on your activity level and bodyweight.

Dry Brushing
Autumn is a great time to introduce dry skin brushing. It’s exactly as it sounds, brushing your skin while it’s still dry to remove dead skin and reveal super silky skin that’s much easier to keep hydrated.
You’ll need a natural bristled brush (opt for a brush with a long handle) and an extra 2-5 minutes (and 10-15 minutes if you’re used to the feeling) before your AM or PM shower. Get in the shower, keep your body and brush dry, and begin brushing in a sweeping motion from your feet upwards to your abdomen and from your hands inwards toward your chest. Brush counter-clockwise on your stomach, brush up when working on your lower back and brush down when brushing your upper back – you’ll always brush toward your heart. Brushing in this direction helps move lymph fluid into the lymph nodes, which helps the body eliminate waste and it boosts circulation. After brushing, shower as you normally would and apply coconut oil to keep moisturized. Note: Avoid brushing irritated and sensitive areas, including your face. You can brush morning and night, but if you find your skin is too sensitive, switch to gentler bristles and reduce the number of times you brush a week.

A new season means switching up your beauty products. Since it’s drier in the fall, you’ll need more moisturizer than you may have needed in the summer. Switch your lightweight nighttime serum for a rich cream. Also, look for hyaluronic acid in a moisturizer. This tried and true ingredient isn’t harsh or stripping–it’s a powerful humectant (moisture binding) that will keep your skin plump and hydrated. Don’t neglect your hands and feet–exfoliate and moisturize with a lotion that includes hyaluronic acid. If you prefer to keep your beauty routine natural, opt for coconut oil or jojoba oil. Try an oil blend of lavender essential oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil. Lavender is anti-inflammatory and will help soothe stressed out skin and clear up breakouts as well as help you sleep.
There are so many factors to consider (climate, age, skin type, lifestyle), so check with your dermatologist for individualized recommendations.

Cover up
Finally, don’t forget to cover up. Protect your skin with SPF 15 or higher and reapply throughout the day, especially if you spend time outdoors. Also, think layers! Opt for long sleeves and light jackets to keep you warm and help minimize your exposure to the sun. We think you’ll love the Nanette Jacket, Layla Twist Tee and Ithaca Jacket.

What are your favorite fall skincare tips?

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  • GaleJellisonMcBride
    October 6, 2015

    This is some of the best information I have seen regarding taking care of my skin.  I never really had a ‘routine’ in taking care of my skin, but now older, I need to all the more.  To answer the question “favorite skincare tip” I have none, but will sure start!  Thank you, Gale Jellison-McBride