Partner In Crime: 6 Power Moves to do in Tandem


[tps_header]Training has been a passion of mine for about 10 years and partner workouts have stood out as my favorite way to stay in shape. I always love finding a partner to train with because it keeps me motivated and honest in my workouts (and we always have a blast). Try these 5 exercises to jumpstart your partner workouts.[/tps_header]

Pistol squat

Pistol Squat: A pistol squat is a single leg squat, in which you are trying to go as deep as possible.  Your non-working leg is parallel to the ground. “Ass to grass” is a cue designed to get the hips as low as possible in the squat. I would start with one rep on each side. If you can easily do one, start to do alternating sets of 5 on each leg. Slowly work your way up from that. If you can’t do one pistol squat, use a bench behind you (as high as you need it) and squat. As you are able to squat lower and lower, use a smaller bench until you can achieve the full pistol squat. It is a unilateral movement that develops strength in each leg, unlike the regular squat where one side could be working more than the other. It shows imbalance in your body between one leg and the other and will help you work on your weaknesses.

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