Keep It Fresh: 5 Essential Moves to Update Your Workout


Shop her look[tps_header]Are your workouts enhancing your quality of life? In order to make your workouts work best for you, it’s essential to add functional moves to your routine, including ones that simulate your everyday movements, like standing up or bending over. These exercises will create muscle balance, prevent injury, and increase joint mobility. Because these moves require many joints, they are proven to be very effective. There are five basic movement patterns nearly every workout should include, such as squatting, hinging, pulling, pushing, and planking. Plan your workouts in advance and try to include the following exercises.[/tps_header]

Weighted squat

Base Move: Weighted Squat

Grab a body bar or barbell and rest it behind your neck, on your shoulders. Holding onto the bar, bend your knees and push your hips back as you squat and return to standing.

Options: goblet squat, front squat, chair squat, sumo squat, split squat, TRX squat, squat jumps