Keep It Fresh: 5 Essential Moves to Update Your Workout


Base Move: Push-Up

In a plank position, bend your elbows and lower your chest towards the ground, keeping a neutral spine and return to plank.

Options: modified push-up, TRX chest press, tricep push-up, uneven push-ups, bench press, Bosu push-up, stability ball push-up

Base Move: TRX Plank

Adjust the TRX to a mid-calf position, come to the ground and place your toes in the TRX and your hands out directly under your shoulders. Lift your hips, tighten your core muscles and hold.

Options: TRX side plank, TRX mountain climbers, elbow plank, Bosu plank, medicine ball plank, reverse plank, plank with reaches, up-up-down-down plank

Change the way you think about your workouts by adding these essential moves.  These exercises focus on core stability and will provide you with the strength, stability and flexibility needed to perform daily activities.

Christin Magnus, #FableticsMaster

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