A Note From Kate: Turkey Day, My Way


Thanksgiving is just around the corner—I am already mentally and physically prepping for the big day! This holiday means so much to me because it’s all about family. As a child, my parents would put a lot of thought and love into this day. Now that I am host, I make sure to do the same.

After family, comes the food (although it’s a close call)! I usually prepare two turkeys and a special seasonal cocktail that changes every year. I like to make my food and presentation a little bit different; last year I put sweet potatoes into an orange cup.

My Thanksgiving dinners are potluck style and everyone is welcome to join. I have an open door policy—if a friend has nowhere to go, I make sure there is a seat for them at the table. Some things remain consistent from year to year, which brings a sense of comfort. One of my friends always shows up with her delicious deviled eggs, and my cousin brings his broccoli surprise casserole with lots of cheese!

When it comes to decorating, I go all out. Last year, I designed the table around an orange theme and this year, I am excited to create a woodsy, bohemian-inspired setting with little wild flowers.

The main event, according to a large consensus, are my pies! I could dedicate an entire blog post to them because they really are the highlight of the evening.  I either take recipes from my friends or from cookbooks, such as Martha Stewart’s BAKED. My most famous pie is a banana cream pie. I’ll also be baking a chocolate spiced pie, a raw pine nut pie, an apple pecan caramel pie, and of course, a pumpkin pie.

When it’s all said and done, Thanksgiving is about cherishing what you have in your life. This year, I am extremely grateful for my brother, Oliver. It has been a very emotional year, full of changes, and Oliver has been my rock and best confidant. I can always count on him to be totally real and honest with me.

I predict it’s going to be a great Turkey Day—full of belly laughs and hopefully not too many bellyaches!

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