Band Together: How to Use Resistance Bands in Your Workout


Form is essential to results and preventing injuries. Using resistance bands will elongate your arms and help keep them in alignment with your shoulders.  Not only will you develop upper body strength with this move, you will also be working your quads, glutes, core and balance!


RYB Lunging Side Attitudes

* Hold your resistance band over your head with your arms directly over your shoulders. Your triceps will feel the resistance and the bands will help you maintain alignment.

  1. Take a slow deep lunge, bending your right leg while the left leg is straight.
  2. Shift into your 2nd position “grand plié,” bending the left leg, so that both knees are bent.
  3. Shift into a left lunge (left knee bent).
  4. While transitioning on the left bent knee until all of your weight is distributed, lengthen your left leg until its straight. Your back leg is off the floor and bent in an attitude (back leg bent).
  5. Repeat from right leg to left leg. Try 8 on each side to start.


-Keep legs in a wide stance with hips slightly turned out, knees always facing your 2nd toe. This movement is going to swoop from side to side like a pendulum. Along with the leg movement, arms will remain straight, parallel and move in a slow downward circular motion (i.e.. 12oclock, 3, 6, 9, and back to 12 over your head).

-Your standing leg remains turned out from the hip, chest forward and your leg in attitude ends in the same line as your hip.

-Keep your shoulders down and neck long.

You can also add different variations!

resistance band workout

Variation 1: With Pointed Foot Extensions

Hold attitude position and extend your leg out and in. 8x’s on each leg.

Leg workout

Variation 2: With Side Knee Lift Crunch

Hold the band over your head, arms aligned with your shoulders. Lean your torso to the right with parallel arms, reaching to the diagonal right corner. Your standing leg is slightly bent and your left leg is pointed on the floor.

Bend your left knee to meet your left elbow, crunching your left oblique.

Then lengthen your legs and arms for stretch and side crunch for resistance.

Total body workout

Overhead Pulldowns

-Hold bands over your head, arms are over your shoulders.

-Keep a wide stance while your knees are slightly bent.

Alternating Pulldowns

-Your right arm pulls down, and then your left arm pulls down

-2 sets of 8

Both arms pull apart and together

-2 sets of 8

Ab workout

Oblique Side Crunches

-Raise your arms over your head, in line with your shoulders

-Keep a wide stance, so your knees are slightly bent, wider than your hips

-Lean your torso to the right and hold center

-Lean left and hold center.

-Repeat. 2 sets of 8


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